First and most important is I thought how informative this is on our own digital fingerprints we leave behind.  This is the reason I published this, and yes we really need to get involved with our own local elections..

I’m glad your here.

I personally thought this was a fantastic show and thought you should see it also. It was eye opening in so many technological ways. It should have most Americans kind of really paying attention at a hyper level.  Think about your own digital finger print. Charlie  Kirk does a very good job interviewing these guys from

Yes, I do believe that it’s critical that we all take some responsibility and help do something at the local level  as today’s whiteboard tries to explain.

This is my whiteboard notes while listening to program.

There are four foundational problems that need to be secured.

1. Clean voter roles.

2. Stop mail in, with very special exceptions. (Military.) Or very strong national standards.

3. Stop drop box collections.

4. Institute and prosecute.